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About Us


We are an IT service augmentation and consulting company based in the technological hub of Dallas and provide cost-effectively tailored high-quality IT and Software Engineering services to our clients. Besides figuring out affordable yet impressive solutions, we are committed to taking in your suggestions, making changes as we go, and introducing new and modern ideas to remain updated- this is what Livewind Systems promises.

We also keep the doors to all of our other services open. We are dedicated to serving the individual needs of our clients through innovative and robust solutions, reliable service, personalized attention, and flexibility.

Mission Statement

We commit ourselves to deliver world-class professional service ethically, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We work towards breaking the cycle of benefit dependency and increase productivity at the workplace

We are directed towards a global scope. We aim to utilize talents from in and abroad in order to boost collaboration, generate a diverse pool of ideas that fuel productivity.

Our commitment to delivering professional consulting is second to none. We aim to build a lasting relationship, develop individual skills, deploy resources, and upgrade client performance.

Our Coverage

We have a team of leading industry professionals pioneering their technological capabilities. We extend our services in a variety of domains including but not limited to the following:

  • Business Analytics
  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle DB
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • Automation Engineering
  • Linux
  • VMWare
  • Windows Server
Still Unsure?

Why Livewind


We have a team of passion-driven individuals who aim for the best solutions. Our attribution of resources focuses on project matching with utmost quality.

Quick Service

When it comes to information, the speed always matters. We are proud of our talented team that is able to optimize time without sacrificing quality. Reach us Now!


Not just speed but the cost is a primary concern to mid-size and large companies. We aim to provide the most cost-effective solutions to companies.

Ethical & Trustworthy

Our trusted team puts ethics in high regard. Livewind is highly motivated towards ethical practice in projects and with it also in the security.

KPI Based Insights

We deliver results based on a quantitative methodology. We keep business and IT industry KPIs in hindsight during and after projects.

More Than Consultants

We believe in a lasting relationship of trust and do not just act as problem fixers but problem solvers. Our commitment to supporting is unmatched.

Hear From Others


After training from Livewind with the most trained and erudite faculty, I have been able to secure positions in firms that I only dreamt of before. Their tailoring approach for every client and mentoring focus helped set the tone.

Livewind training
Richard Kennedy

QA Engineer

Working with Livewind since 2013, I find their staffing more than adequate and learned future pioneers in the area. The trust that they have gone on to build is exemplary in the field of staffing and recruitment.

Livewind Recruitment
David Gambini

Sr. Recruiter